Stunning & powerful Aspark Owl electric hyper car goes on the road in Monaco & attended Top Marques

One of the world’s most expensive and stunning looking electric cars, the Aspark Owl, was be taken on a road drive in Monaco on 6 June 2023. This was to further demonstrate the power of it’s advance technology and it’s beautiful design lines. It was at the Principality to attend the Top Marques, said to be “the world’s most exclusive car show”.

These activities follow the cars success at setting two world records late last month in the UK.
The Monaco event will also be an opportunity to announce its first European dealer. In addition one of the Owl’s will arrive in Japan, the home of the Aspark company, very soon.  
Speaking about that the Aspark CEO Masanori Yoshida said “We are looking forward to delivery the car to Japan”.

Absolut Cars Consulting, Monaco
47/49 Boulevard d’Italie 98000 Monaco

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