ASPARK OWL #001 Debuts on Suzuka Circuit, the Origin of the Japanese Mobility Culture

Working closely with Honda Mobilityland Corporation, Aspark Owl Head Office in Japan took part in an event for fans and media and the Aspark Owl hypercar with serial number #001 showed the circuit drives on Suzuka International Racing Course, the legendary Japanese race track where the world’s top racers in Formula One.

The Aspark Owl, an all-electric battery-powered hypercar is the fastest-accelerating production car in the world -it reaches 0-60mph in only 1.72 seconds. Last year, under the watchful eye of the UK Timing Association, the Aspark Owl was certified by two official titles of world records for the Fastest Average Speed over both 1/8 and 1/4 mile for an electric car, that it currently holds.

The Aspark Owl #001 has an exterior finish featuring its carbon elements in Dark Blue, and an interior sees Salmon Pink leather accents across the seat, complemented by Navy Blue stitching. For prospects, fans and media based in Asia, it will be stored in Osaka Garage for a limited time.

Osaka Garage
Kita Osaka Nakazaki 2 nd Building 1F, 3-3-43 NakazakiNishi, KitaWard, Osaka
As always, Aspark continues sharing our passion for the innovation of the Ultimate-Performance-and-Beauty-hypercar.

The Aspark Owl is a Japanese all-electric battery-powered Hypercar, which is the first-generation EV Hypercar, with the concept of pursuing inconceivable speed and futuristic beauty, fused as one, optimized without compromise to deliver unprecedented acceleration and engineered to overcome the limitation of physics. We reach from 0-60mph in 1.72 seconds on October 28 2022, and it has a top speed of 413km/h (260mph). It being the fastest-accelerating production car in the world. In May 2023, Aspark Owl sets two official titles of World Records this is merely a first step to achieving our goals, the Aspark Owl forges a new path for Hypercars. 

Aspark Co., Ltd was formed in 2005, founded by Masanori Yoshida with the vision of creating new value through engineering, has specialized in engineering services for the automotive industry, as well as related concerns like electronics and design, and began work on producing its own hypercar in-house. Aspark accelerated its first step with OWL Project which developed the electric Hypercar in 2015 in order to bring its vision to reality, and always targeting to be the reformer by innovating beauty and ultimate performance vehicles for the world. 


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