ASPARK OWL Confirms Special Collaboration with Supercar Blondie

In April 2024, Supercar Blondie launched SBX Cars, an online global premium car auction platform that sells hypercars and other luxury products. Aspark has specially prepared the Aspark Owl #002 in collaboration with one of the most powerful media brands, Supercar Blondie for their SBX Cars launch.

The Aspark Owl #002 is one of the initial four production cars filled with the dream and passion of the founder of Aspark, Masanori Yoshida. The Aspark Owl will be available for a limited time offer for 14 days only, from April 18th on their platform ( With this collaboration, we are thrilled to provide your dream of speed.


Aspark Owl is a Japanese fully-electric Hypercar, which is the first generation EV Hypercar, with the concept of pursuing inconceivable speed and futuristic beauty, fused as one, optimized without compromise to deliver unprecedented acceleration and engineered to overcome the limitation of physics. In May 2023, Aspark Owl sets the two new titles of the World Records.


Aspark Co., Ltd was formed in 2005, founded by Masanori Yoshida with the vision of creating new value through engineering, has specialized in engineering services for the automotive industry, as well as related concerns like electronics and design, and began work on producing its own hypercar in-house. Aspark accelerated its first step with OWL Project which developed the electric Hypercar in 2015 in order to bring its vision to reality, and always targeting to be the reformer by innovating beauty and ultimate performance vehicles for the world.


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