Beneath the Beauty,
a Monster Lurks

Aspark, Creators of Breathtaking Beauty

Ultra-high performance and aerodynamics, optimized without compromise to deliver unprecedented acceleration & speed. Engineered to overcome the limitations of physics.

Carefully selected engineers from Japan, Europe and Asia have come together to undertake this unprecedented automobile development challenge. Fighting for collective pride, burning with passion on a mission to create a dream, manifested as art.

Accelerate down an unprecedented road. Heresy the reformer, renews what is common sense to the world. Beneath the Beauty, a monster lurks.

Allow individualism to resonate with your sense of sensibility.

Pride in Being a Maverick

Our design philosophy is to be unique, completely original. Our creative minds will not follow anyone’s footsteps. Aspark, realizing the impossible through innovative electric vehicle technology solutions.

Design Evolves into Art

A hypercar form to take the world’s breadth away. Beauty created as though an art piece.

The Chosen Few, the Elite

Carefully-selected top engineers brought together, distilling their genius into a singular mission. Greater design freedom, accelerated development to create astonishment.

Our Goal: Accelerate Like No Other...

Speed records are made only to be constantly broken. But our goals lie beyond this. We always strive to be the quickest, the fastest, the planet has ever seen.

The Pinnacle of Quality

Japan’s obsession with detailed quality control has found a new home. Beauty in the detail, seductress to all who come in contact.

Tapping Global Potential

Transcending national limits, development or manufacturing is not constricted to a single country. We draw on skills from all over the world in our quest to challenge the impossible.